Friday, May 18, 2018

Traveling with Baby to Disney World...What Attractions Can We All Do at Magic Kingdom?

Wishdrawals Agent Aubrey and her
girls meeting Mickey Mouse
We hear this question frequently. "I want to plan a trip to Disney World, but I have a baby. Will we just have to skip all the big rides? What attractions can the baby do?"

Walt Disney, in his infinite wisdom, wanted to create a park where parents and children could explore and ride rides together--not parents on the bench while children ride and not children unable to ride most of the rides that big kids and adults may want to do. He created parks where most of the rides are appropriate for all ages--babies, adults, expectant mothers, and even seniors! The short answer is that any ride without a height restriction is fine for a baby, but let's explore a little more!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Have Baby, Will Travel to Disney!

Wishdrawals Agent Nicole's daughter
meeting Mickey for the first time!
Maybe you are considering a Disney World or Disneyland trip with your baby and wondering how that will work! Luckily, Disney is for everyone--including baby! So, what services does Disney provide if you are traveling with a baby?

Disney knows many families are coming with babies, so they've made special arrangements just for them! Here are five special services just for little ones!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Five: Five Things to Do at Boardwalk Inn

Each resort at Disney World has a unique theme and feel to it. Some are more "over the top" Disney like the Value Resorts with their larger than life Disney icons!  With more subtle theming, the Moderate Resorts and the Deluxe Resorts have a different feel. Today we're taking a closer look at Disney's Boardwalk Inn, a beautiful Deluxe Resort in the Epcot area.

With its great location near Epcot and Hollywood Studios, Boardwalk Inn is a great choice for a resort. Some recent comments about Boardwalk Inn:  "I love the view of the Yacht & Beach Club at night all lit up. Also love how close the Resort is to the lake. The rooms are light colors and fresh, and the beds are comfortable."

Now, what things should you do while staying at Boardwalk Inn? 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Where Should I Eat at Hollywood Studios? Our Favorites Ranked!

Hollywood Studios is in a huge transition period right now. We've spent a year or two losing attractions and dealing with construction walls waiting for Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land to open. One thing that is staying contact are the great table service choices at Hollywood Studios!

So, where should you eat while you're at Hollywood Studios? I'm glad you asked! Based on our highly scientific study (i.e. FaceBook poll), here are Wishdrawals' top favorites.

Hundreds of caricatures are hung on the walls!
5. Hollywood Brown Derby: This is a recreation of the Brown Derby restaurant chain that originally operated in California in the 1920s where the Cobb Salad was invented. The Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios is a Signature Restaurant requiring 2-credits on the dining plan. However, the reviews are inconsistent. At that price point, I generally expect great service and great food. The menu sounds delicious and the Cobb Salad is usually good, but for the money, we generally think there are better options.

Friday, April 20, 2018

All About Disney's Minnie Vans

On Facebook, we've posted about the new Minnie Vans several times, but I thought maybe it was time to write a little more about them. What are they? Where are they? Who can use them? I'll answer all those questions!

First, what are these Minnie Vans? The Minnie Vans are the cutest things ever! Red minivans with white polka dots that should remind you of Minnie Mouse's traditional polka dot dress! This is a transportation option offered by Disney and operated by Disney Cast Members to get around Walt Disney World.

The next thing you should know is that the minivans really aren't minivans although the wording does make for cute marketing! They're actually Chevrolet Traverse SUVs. These mid-sized SUVs can hold up to 8 people including the driver. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Experiencing Holidays on a Disney Cruise!

Any time is a great time to do a Disney cruise! The only way to make a Disney cruise more magical is to sail on or around a holiday! Disney has designated certain sailings in the fall as Halloween on the High Seas cruises with a Halloween theme. Most cruises that sail in November and December are Very Merrytime Cruises with a distinctive holiday theme!

Some holidays don't get a lot of recognition, but they do celebrate for holidays like Easter, too. You'll mostly only see a little bit of Easter decor if your cruise actually sails during Easter.
Chocolate bunny inside a giant chocolate egg and a Happy Easter Day
message on the Disney Magic 2015.

Friday, April 6, 2018

What to Expect at Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party

To tea or not to tea — What to expect at the Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party!

As a mother of a little girl, I’ve watched my daughter be transported by her imagination into fairytales she’s read in stories or watched in movies. She is like many young girls who often play dress up and have pretend tea parties with their dolls or friends.
What better place to help foster that imagination than as a princess at Walt Disney World?
I know there are a lot of things to keep a family engaged at Disney, but I wanted a special adventure for my little princess. I discovered Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party in the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.